From Eoropie to Europe Road (2016-)

‘From Eoropie to Europe Road’ is an ongoing series where I mark key milestones in the Brexit process, including those dates which failed to materialise. This ranges from visiting Eoropie Beach, Isle of Lewis on 29 March 2019, the first delayed date of the UK’s exit from the European Union; to a day trip to Europe Road, London, on ‘Brexit Day’, 31 January 2020, the day that the UK formally left the European Union. The visits offer pause, or actions, to consider key aspects of the Brexit process, at different points of the British Isles.

See Europe Road, 31st January 2020 London

See Prorogation of Parliament Announced 28th August 2019 Shetland

See ‘Measuring European Union subsidy in Scotland, after William Blake’s ‘Europe: A Prophecy’ (2019) Isle of Lewis

See lecture notes from ‘In or Out? How Britain Decided’, Professor John Curtice, The Stevenson Lectures in Citizenship, University of Glasgow 28.6.16.