‘Bird of the Devil’: Hobby Thrush (Hobi albicans)

In 2006 I contributed to Edward Summerton’s book ‘Bird of the Devil’ with Hobby Thrush .  Eddie had invited people including Michael Marra, Sandy Guy, Norman Shaw, Laura Hird and Neil Mulholland, to write entries to accompany a series of strange birds he had created though altering book illustrations.

That year at work, there had been a rash of Spam email, all from senders with highly dubious names. I chose the names which had aspects of nature in their titles, in order to make my contribution and return their ‘virus to nature’. ‘Bird of the Devil’ is a Strict Nature Reserve Book, Published by ET4U Denmark. ISBN 87-991279-0-8 http://www.edwardsummerton.co.uk/


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