This is the time: past, present and future at The Glasgow School of Art

The article below was published in ‘The Past in the Present’, Engage: the international journal of visual art and gallery education, issue 31, P.79-88, Autumn 2012. Editor: Karen Raney

Download:  ENGAGE_journal31_brownrigg


“The Mackintosh Museum, built in 1909, is at the heart of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterwork, The Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building. With its high level of architectural detail inside and outside, the museum is the antithesis of the ‘white cube’. This essay will explore the ways in which the contemporary exhibitions programme for the gallery space within this iconic building can create a critical exchange between present, past and future”. 

'The Immortals' by Folkert de Jong, GSA 2012 Photo: Janet Wilson
‘The Immortals’ by Folkert de Jong, GSA 2012 Photo: Janet Wilson

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