Bet Low: An Active Career

Bet Low’s (1924-2007) early work captured city scenes and people, before she turned her attention to landscape painting. Low then developed a uniquely figurative style, visually reducing landscape into key elements. Running concurrently with her artistic practice, Low’s early experience at Glasgow Unity Theatre and involvement in artist-led groups led to her co-founding the New Charing Cross Gallery (1963–8).Although she was an independent artist actively working outside any institutional context, Low did not consider herself ‘unknown’. This article therefore considers the visibility of her practice, concluding with a consideration of her critical legacy.

This essay is part of ‘Women Painting: Scottish Art 1940-1980’, (2020) a special issue for Visual Culture in Britain co-edited by Marianne Greated and Susannah Thompson.

Bet Low, from CCA Glasgow archive

Bet Low, from CCA Glasgow archival holdings

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