Five Art Curators Consider Transforming an Interior

‘Five Art Curators Consider Transforming an Interior’ by Jenny Brownrigg has been published as part of ‘The Burning Sand Volume III’, edited by Sarah Lowndes and designed by Sophie Dyer & Maeve Redmond.  Download full text: Five Art Curators Consider Transforming An Interior



…”The owners, they don’t ask for money, and God knows we don’t have money, but I can transform it all”. Romano is the leader of the group for no other reason than this is the way he sees it.

Irme tries to overlook Romano’s use of ‘I’. Surely he should remember that they have been brought together from different countries by the Festival organisers to work as a symbolic group for this project…”

The Burning Sand  Volume III also includes work by Nerea Bello, Wolf, Luke Fowler, Kathryn Elkin, Tony Swain, Sarah Lowndes and Lauren Gault. It retails for £4 from Aye-Aye Books and is distributed by  Good Press and Motto . Volume III was launched on 18 April 2014 as part of Glasgow International with support from Outset. ISSN 2052-5699